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Product Name

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How to plant your Willow Wand

Easy to Grow and Maintain


The Willow Wand is exceptionally easy to grow, and will quickly establish itself.

   Thrives in all conditions from partial shade to full sun

   Super-hardy down to minus 20C – no need to protect from frost

   Exceptionally easy to establish – just water well

It's just as happy in a pot on the patio as it is planted in the borders of your garden.

No matter where you plant it, the Willow Wand will be the conversation piece of the garden for years to come.

Polaroid 1.png

Planted as a mini hedge, showing
first few weeks of growth

Polaroid 2.png

Stunning results in as little
as 6-8 weeks

Polaroid 3.png

Plant today... grafts together
in 3 seasons


Handcrafted English Willow

The Willow Wand is unlike any other tree.

It's hand crafted in the UK from 9 living willow stems which are expertly selected by the Willow Wand master weavers and woven by hand with great accuracy and skill into a visually stunning, symmetrical ‘Wand’.

It's a Piece of Living Art

The decorative stem remains fixed in height, but over the first few seasons grafts together into a single trunk, retaining its stunning woven effect.

The top buds magically sprout into the topiary crown, which is simply trimmed to any shape or size.


It's an Award Winner!


And... we are not the only ones who love the Willow Wand. It has also won the highly coveted GIMA award for Best New Plant category, with the judges commenting

"Extremely easy to grow, it has huge "Grow Your Own" appeal."

“An innovative, affordable and decorative product that will really appeal to younger gardeners.”

Loved by all...


LOVED by Gardeners